There is a time when all things begin, A time when an idea is so strong it consumes you, and the possibilities of its fruition become an obsession. This is our Spark. A passion to create, to customize and modify the world around us.

Our Spark

'Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.'

-Albert Einstein

There is so much that goes into crafting metal, and there are remarkable craftsmen from all aspects of metal work. Our passion to create the best is only rivaled by our admiration for those who came before and those who are still pioneering along with us.

Our process allows us to explore innovative ways to build. Every day the industry is becoming more inventive, the designs more creative and in today's world the options are endless. Our Spark drives us to be more efficient, more effective and more imaginative in our builds.


Welding Services

We provide a wide variety of welding services including; Onsite welding, repair services, drop off and pick up, parts welding and much more. We can also provide short term contracted welding services in your shop.

Brazing and Cutting

Low temperature joining for distortion control or the joining of dissimilar metals. Brazing also allows for quick finishing and custom shaping for high quality finished designs.

Metal Finishing

Brush and satin finishes on exotic metals, industrial black matte and traditional waxed are just a few specialty finishes that we offer. We can always have your build powder coated or painted to any specification.

Full Service Fabrication

Nighthawk can help with all you custom built needs at any stage in the process. Our bids are inclusive of site measurements, drawings, samples and install. Our ability to properly source and manage the work process keeps us on time and allows us the flexibility to meet tight deadlines.

Engineering and Detailing

With full CAD support we can prepare drawings in both 3D and 2D. Know and approve your build way before fabrication starts. Our vast experience in front-end high visibility construction ensures that your project is designed to the highest standards.



"Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine."

-Nikola Tesla

It's our belief that if you are not moving forward you are moving backwards. We at Nighthawk are always inspired by innovations of the trade while keeping true to the craft. Planning, processing and execution are crucial to every project and that is never more important than now.

Understanding all the resources available to us and how to properly utilize them is what makes our products and services stand out. It's not revolutionary and it may not be groundbreaking, but we dream big and build simple. Taking this approach helps us to stay competitive, work efficiently and continue to expand our abilities.